To all donors, rescue personnel, animal lovers, and friends:

Since starting this organization in November 2009, I have met many people I will never forget.  I am grateful to all donors who have made my endeavor a success.  I am eternally grateful, as well, to all rescue personnel who have saved and continue to save so many pets, the reason for Oxygen Masks for Pets.  Since beginning this mission, with the help of the many generous donors, countless lives have been saved by the donation of 262 Oxygen Mask Kits to 124 Fire Departments.  (Quite a few departments received more than on oxygen mask kit.)  

For newcomers to this site or to refresh memories:   I created this site to educate those who may not know about oxygen masks made especially for pets and to raise funds to purchase them.  When rescue personnel find an unconscious animal, a typical (human) oxygen mask will not work. This is because due to the smaller faces of animals, the mask cannot form a good suction on the face of the animal.  Therefore, smaller oxygen masks are needed.  It was, and still is my hope that all firetrucks and other rescue vehicles in America have pet oxygen masks available.  Due to economics and lack of knowledge, not all organizations needing the masks have them.  My non-profit mission was to raise funds for  organizations in need of oxygen masks for pets.   After over 10 years, my mission was accomplished.  At the beginning, many requests for pet masks were received; many donations were received as well.  However, requests and donations have almost ceased.  Therefore, I am closing the organization.   Donors and supporters will be happy to know that all funds donated were exhausted to purchase the final pet masks kits.

The supplier of the pet oxygen masks was Wagn02 Fur Life.  I am grateful for the service provided by Ines, who runs that fine organization.  
If you still would like to donate to the cause of pet oxygen masks or 
WagN has set up a program to help. Click here.

It would be sad enough to lose a home to a fire; to lose a pet would be unbearable.
Rescue video courtesy of H.E.L.P. Animals, Inc., and the Daytona Beach, FL Fire Department.  Watch how an oxygen mask saved this dog's life!!

DONATION FINAL UPDATE:  262 Pet Oxygen Mask Kits to 124 Fire Departments!
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Photo by Janet Fincannon

This is Sir Andrew, the spokescat for Oxygen Masks for Pets.  He says:
"Thank You for helping save so many pets' lives through your donations."
Please email me with any comments or questions: oxygenmasks4pets@comcast.net
Photo by Capt. Paul Bryant, N. Charleston FD

Freedom the Cat being rescued with pet oxygen mask after a fire.