Mr. Cat
When donating, please email me if you would like me to list an "In Honor Of" or "In Memory Of" notation on this page and how you would like it listed.  In your email, also let me know if you want your name listed.
11/06/2009 - In Memory of Mr. Cat, Hidey, Bogie and Bacall.
11/24/2009 - In Honor of Raina - Daniel Island, SC
11/25/2009 - In Honor of Raina - Isle of Palms, SC
11/26/2009 - In Memory of Daniel the Spaniel from James and Heather Platzer
12/14/2009 - For Pepper, Mom's dog - by Laura Osborne
12/14/2009 - For Nina, Stuart and Renee, cats bringing joy to their Mom by Laura Osborne
12/16/2009 - In Honor of Deverett Smith for a Merry Christmas from Vivi and Schatzi
12/21/2009 - In Honor of Don&Ann Hollerbach by Lynn&Grace Hollerbach In thanks for the
                     Centreville,VA Volunteer FIre Dept.
12/22/2009 - In Memory of Sinbad Ellington
12/23/2009 - In Memory of Miss Muffin and Grey-Grey and In Honor of Cassie
12/29/2009 - In Memory of Willy
01/05/2010 - From Jill: In Memory of Nicky and in honor of Zoey
01/06/2010 - In Honor of my dad and our beloved pets Allie, Anna, Molly and Peggy
02/01/2010 - In Memory of Buddy, the German Shepherd 
02/02/2010 - From Mrs. Hayes: In Honor of my husband Bill, my daughter Laura and my heartstrings Pepper
02/02/2010 - From Donna: In Honor of sweet Baxter Sarsfield
02/02/2010 - From my own sweet, loving Mom - in honor of me, Janet Fincannon
03/15/2010 - From Peggy Polk: "In loving memory of "Sandy" my beloved dog of 17 1/2 years. She will 
                    forever be in my heart."
09/07/2010 - From CharlestonDogWalker,LLC - In Honor of Puppy Mill Dogs
11/25/2010 - From Sharon, Davelin, Eve and Quinn Devera - In Honor of Gaby and Pumpkin
12/10/2010 - From Caroline Barnhill in Honor of John Barnhill on his 70th Birthday!
12/21/2010 - From John Barnhill in honor of the "good ole days" & our family at American Mutual/Unisun
12/23/2010 - From the Bowlers-"In Memory of our beloved Cassie and Chairman.  We miss you both
                    very much."
01/26/2011 - From John Parler - In Memory of Legend, the great greyhound. 
11/09/2011 - In Honor of Emily Morris and Hayley Major, whose kindness and devotion to animals led
                    to the donation of the pet oxygen mask kit to the Keller, TX Fire Department.  
12/12/2011- From Caroline Barnhill, in Honor of her dear husband, John - Happy Birthday, John!
12/19/2011- From the Bowlers, "In Honor of the Girls, Maggie and Rosie"
12/23/2011 - From The Summers: In Honor of Liza and Belle and In Memory of Liza Belle
05/15/2012 - From Eve Devera in Honor of their new family member, Maggie the Poodle
12/11/2012 - From the Bowler Family-In memory of Lily: You touched our lives for such a short time. We miss                        you, Sweet Lily!
12/14/2012 - From Caroline Barnhill, in Honor of John Barnhill on his Birthday.  Happy Birthday, John!
12/26/2012 - From John Parler, in Memory of Santa, a Sweet, Sweet Greyhound
01/03/2013 - From CharlestonDogWalker,LLC - In Memory of Brian Todd's cat, Fiona
01/03/2013 - From CharlestonDogWalker,LLC - In Memory of Gray Moore Spencer's cat, Shelby
04/05/2013 - From Don Redmon in memory of Scout Redmond, the dalmation
04/12/2013 - From Lisa Buchner, in memory of Cody and Emma
04/13/2013 - From CharlestonDogWalker,LLC  - In Memory of Bonnie and Tony's dog, Yuengling
04/13/2013 - From CharlestonDogWalker,LLC  - In Memory of George and Anne's dog, Mix
05/07/2013 - From Jean Bierbower, for Friendship Fire Co. #2, Mohnton, PA, In Honor of Riley and 
                     In Memory of Maggie and Molly
05/10/2013 - From Jean Bierbower for Spring Township FIre Department, West Lawn, PA - 
                      In Honor of Spud, Lilly, Noka, Daisy, Lily and Baxter
5/30/2013 - From Suzanne Harteg for Mohnton, PA Fire Dept.- In Honor of Molly
5/30/2013 - From Suzanne Harteg for Mohnton, PA Fire Dept.- In Memory of Dori and Heidi, beloved
                    German Sheperds    
6/20/2013 - From Brian Boone and John Parler, In Memory of Dina Doe, a sweet greyhound
8/08/2013 - From the Kintsfathers, in honor of Lily the cat, SAVED from a fire with a pet oxygen mask!!!
9/11/2013 - From Oak Hill Animal Clinic, Crown Point, IN – in honor of Jake, the search and rescue dog.
11/14/2013 - From PAWS (Perryville, MO) - In honor of those who rescue
12/17/2013 - From the Bowler Family - In honor of Maggie and Rosie, Misty and Cooper: you bring so much 
                   Joy to our Lives!
12/22/2013 - From Ron Handke:  In Memory of Buddy, Ron's German Sheperd.
12/23/2013 - From CharlestonDogWalker,LLC  - In Memory of "Harley Dog"
12/23/2013 - From John Parler and Brian Boone - In Honor of "Lady Luck"
12/26/2013 - From John Barnhill - In Memory of Daisy
12/31/2013 - From Barbara W. Carlton - In Memory of Layla, a wonderful lab mix mutt who was loved and                                           adored
02/07/2014 - From Pat Morse, In honor of her dog and constant loving companion, "EMMY"
03/19/2014-  From John and Holly Lorchak, in Honor of "Darla" and in Memory of "Charlie" and "Cody"
05/09/2014 - From Jean Bierbower, In honor of Volunteer Firefighter Derrick Redcay, Goodwill Fire Co., PA
07/01/2014 - From Marian Steinfeld for the Cedar Grove NJ Fire Dept.:  
                       In Memory of all the loving companions that were lost in a fire.
07/24/2014 - From Maureen Campbell, for Pooky!
07/26/2014 - From Marian Steinfeld, for Pooky Professor for the Ringwood Borough Fire Company
08/19/2014 - From Holly Peterson, for the Ringwood Borough Fire Volunteer Fire Co.#1 on behalf of Pooky's Dog                              Walking Club
12/16/2014 - From the Bowler Family - In Memory of Fluffy Black, who touched our lives for too short a time -
                    forever in our hearts.
12/13/2015 - From the Bowler Family - In Memory of Sweet Cammie and Fairy.
02/29/2016 - From Charleston Dog Walker,LLC - In Memory of Carl and Cathy's Cat, Jalber AND
                                                                              In Memory of Jay and Kathy's dog, Winston
03/03/2016 - From Charleston Dog Walker,LLC - In Memory of Tom and Debra's Jack Russell, Rocco. 
12/17/2016 - From the Bowler Family - In Loving Memory of our sweet Mitsy - always in our hearts.
03/14/2017 - From Wags and Purrs Pet Services - In memory of "Sydney", missed by Meredith and Carl Crews
04/10/2017 - From Wags and Purrs Pet Services - In memory of "Amelia", for the Ritters
​06/09/2017 - From Raymond Yao - In Memory of Pablo. We miss you so very much! Love Ma & Da

Photo by Janet Fincannon